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Created in January 2017 by Fabirama NIANG, Oneseveral is a consulting firm in Intellectual Property Strategy and Management, supporting companies in their upstream building and setting-up of this strategy. It also provides support for the development and negotiation of their partnership, licensing, or technology transfer agreements, as well as training sessions.

Our experience allows us to offer these services in the most diverse technical fields, ranging from mechanics to energy, via biotechnologies, chemistry or telecommunications.

Depending on the need, we work in partnership with Patent and Trademark Law Firms, Intellectual Property Attorneys, or various service providers, included adapted tool editors.

We work both in French and in English.


“Sharing experience”

  • Our philosophy is sharing information and knowledge.
  • Our goal, that you become an informed player.
  • Our method, to listen, to accompany rather than substitute, and to pass on our experience.
  • Our measure of success, your autonomy of reflection, consistent with your position.


Fabirama got a PhD in Fluid Mechanics from UPMC (Paris 6 University), he graduated in patents and contracts law at the CEIPI (Strasbourg), and is a French Patent Attorney.
He obtained the European Certification “EuKTS Expert” in Knowledge Transfer and Technology, and is also Inter-company Mediator, accredited by the CMAP (Paris Center for Mediation and Arbitration).

He is involved in Intellectual property for 20+ years, successively as Director of Industrial Relations of the Strasbourg’s University, Head of Licenses Acquisitions of Orange Group and Vice-President Intellectual Property of Total Group.

Recognized trainer, Fabirama teaches Licensing at the University Paris 2 Panthéon Assas (Master 2 Industrial Property), and in diverse organisms, including the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property, the French Patent and Trademark Office).

He also teaches Negociation in diverse places, especially for start-up creators, and gives regular lectures in France and abroad.
Fabirama is a member and/or Board Member of several professionnal associations.

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Intellectual property Strategy

An Intellectual property strategy is not just about optimizing a patents or brands portfolio.
Intellectual property assets also include know-how, copyrights and other software protections, as well as diverse rights and obligations resulting from and / or impacted by laws, contractual relationships, and administrative rules.
This set, the “IP Portfolio”, is intrinsically linked to the business model of the company: they are intertwined, and each one participates in the construction of the other.

Defining and setting-up this strategy, checking its coherence with the company, its policy and all the its components, making it evolve according to the present and future context, are reflections and decisions at the top management level, which require mastering Intellectual property issues as well as a comprehensive understanding of the business mechanisms.

We offer a support to these achievements, in diverse contexts of organizations or fields of activity, through conseling, coaching, auditing, or acting temporary as your Intellectual property Manager.

Negociation of contracts
: licensing, tech transfer, R&D collaborations, …

Building and/or exploiting an Intellectual property portfolio, including titles and diverses rights, requires to establish collaboration agreements, in/out licences, technology transfer agreements, non disclosure agreements, and/or several other contracts.

Whether it’s a “dry” license or a true technology transfer, a research collaboration or a consortium agreement, each of the partnerships you put in place is specific, and its success depends on its alignment on both your business model and your partner’s one, and the actual taking into account of your respective objectives and constraints.

Oneseveral’s expertise will guarantee you the success of these operations, in their definition, their negociation, and the conduct of their setting-up, thanks to particular and necessary skills at the crossroads of technology, legal, business, and negotiation process.

Training and sensibilisation

An Intellectual property policy and the implementation in the company of the corresponding Intellectual property strategy stand on two feet :

  • the expertise of the Intellectual property professionals,
  • a common language among the stakeholders.

We provide both trainings for the professionals, in Intellectual property, contrats, and negociation, and sensibilisation sessions for the stakeholders, from the operators to the top management.

These trainings are specifically adapted to your needs and your constraints, we define them together for an optimized shaping.


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